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Desc:Giving a shoutout to SavethePolarBear79
Category:Educational, Horror
Tags:Drunk, retard, drink, malt liquor, TheTiminator13
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Comment count is 15
He's losing his mind. What happened to his cooking?
LOL you are SO right

Jet Bin Fever
As someone who has chugged a 40 and then thrown it back up about 30 seconds later... this video brings back fond and stupid memories.
OE tastes like boot polish mixed with putrid asshole and comes up just the same, but it goddamn delivers a wicked drunk.

I'll never touch the shit again, but so many wonderful hazy memories of childhood...

Right at the end, though.. it was about to come up.
The future of America. His free health care, food stamps, and education are what make this country great. amen.
Jet Bin Fever
It's the lack of education and healthcare that have taken him this far.

John Holmes Motherfucker
OMG I didn't know! There's a whole subgenre of chug videos on youtube. One guy claims to drink a whole bottle of tequila. This is some fucked up shit.

He could be...

A.) Dying in a war started by the stupidest people in history for no other purpose than imperial hedonism.
B.) Hating fags, blacks, and women in Jesus's whorehouse, pass the collection plate.
C.) This.

Yeah, I'm going with this person actually being one of the only humans worth it for 500, Alex.

I have to deduct one star, as when I read that someone was going to chug "Old English," I was hoping for the furniture and floor polish.
Same fucking thing here!! What a letdown!

it can be used for that

The Mothership
wait a minute, wait wait wait a minute! I've seen this guy here before.

*searches comment history*


I'm surprised this guy is not into dipping tobaco.

When I saw this pop up in my subscriptions, I knew I would be seeing it here.
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