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Desc:Some people insist this is a CGI viral ad video. Those people are idiots.
Category:Nature & Places, Pets & Animals
Tags:ocean, dolphin, better animals
Submitted:Binro the Heretic
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Comment count is 15
The thing about HD digital video is that it makes ANYTHING look like CGI.
Downright magical. It must be so damn cool to live in breathe in a place with virtually no ceiling or floor.

Not even hands-down the worst video editing I have ever seen in my life could tarnish this.

I'm talking fucking lens-flare transition centered white text segging into four different kinds of songs in under two minutes shitty.
Buncha dolphins chasing a boat. Be a lot funnier if one chopped his nose off on the prop.
me and my dolphin friends stopped by to say fuck you

Wrong site dude. The animal love is strong 'round these parts.

Err, that come out the way I meant it.

I mean DIDN'T come out the way I meant it.

Jesus, I'm a mess today. Better go fuck the cat and see if it'll make me feel better.

Father Avalanche
hurr it would be so funny if one of those dolphins got seriously injured hurrrrr.

seriously, internet person? seriously?

Stars for Aelric channeling tanooki's ghost

To be honest I decided I was giving out to many 5 stars and 1 stars so I decided to rate some mediocre videos too.

Also you're a dolphin fucker.

dolphin sux it
Do they suk it bro!?!? I could get then DOWN on this bait! *flex*!!!!

So if I'm reading this right, his custom rig was to have a kid hold the camera at the end of a cable?
He holds the kid with the camera upside down by his feet.

Binro the Heretic
As a matter of principle, I never give stars for videos I submit.

Your comment, however, is worth five spirit stars.

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