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Desc:poor Norm
Tags:norm mcdonald, The Decline of Western Civilization, vampire dog, CINEMA!
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Comment count is 19
Binro the Heretic
Oh my God...

Oh, I just...oh.

Does he need money? I can sell some stuff and send him some money.

Oh, man.
I guarantee its a lot of money.

wtf japan
Norm is a pathological gambler. No joke. That should be all the explanation you need.

He's a Bush loving pro-lifer who previously starred in Jack and Jill.

Why are you even the least bit shocked he'd be in this?

Lets face it, this is the role he was born to play.

The anti-comedy equation is complete.

Well my boner right now is just eNORMous
How's that Oogie Loves movie doin'?
Lugosi High School, a crotch hit, and a fart joke before the first minute of trailer is up?

I need to become a scriptwriter for Hollywood. If they're paying for this kind of crap, I could type them an endless supply of drivel for probably half what they're paying.
No, here's how it works in Hollywood.

John Doe writes a pretty good screenplay about a community terrorized by vampire dogs. He manages to sell the script for a decent amount of money, but not a lot of money because the studio says it's probably not going to be a big hit. They then hire 15 retard stoner people to then re-work the screenplay into a shitty family-friendly-centric comedy that can be cheaply made and mined for some profit on the home video market, almost all of which goes to the producers and the studio, with pocket change going to everyone else and none to the guy who originally wrote the thing because he already sold it.

Epic fail, bro!

Billy the Poet
This seems ripe for a Mr. Plinkett review.
Rodents of Unusual Size
From the studio that brought you "Suck! A vampire comedy that proves rock ní roll will never die."

uuuuuuuuuugh RIP Norm's career
Caminante Nocturno
How do you go from making cock jokes with Dennis Miller to this?

Anyway, for those of you who want a legitimate vampire dog movie, look up the film "Zoltan, Hound of Dracula" to get what you need.
If you work with Dennis Miller, this is the GOOD ending to the video game of your life.

The bad one has you winding up trying to revive your career via YouTube standup and David Songer writes you an e-mail that admonishes you to get a real job.

Yeah, I'd much rather have the Norm McDonald ending than the Victoria Jackson ending.

"I need the DNA of a vampire dog to perfect my anti-aging formula."

I don't really have anything to add to that.
i really want to hear norm talk about making this piece of shit movie and piss my pants laughing
Jet Bin Fever
SO much sadness.
The New Meat
I've seen this movie, mostly because I find family-friendly direct-to-dumpster dog movies oddly fascinating. I was ready to jump in and proclaim that there's no way this trailer could do justice to the insanity of this film, but, actually, it's probably the most accurate trailer I've seen in years.
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