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Desc:Wait For It...
Category:Humor, None
Tags:lord of the rings, wait for it, No spoilers, Ha! GAYYYY!
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Comment count is 18
Mr. Purple Cat Esq.
ah! good old humour :)
ALMOST as good as lolcats :3

Ugh, ALL 5 stars. If you ran this site alone it would be worse than ebaumsworld

William Burns
This is one of the most worthless videos on this site. The punchline is given away in the title, to boot.
Counterpoint: Ha! Gayyyy!

That guy
You're right, it's not well done at all. Let me just click on the correct radio button......

A CHANG joke? Jesus.
You can't spoil the joke in the title and then put "Wait for it.." in the description and tags. There is nothing left to wait for.
Jet Bin Fever
What have we become?
If I ever catch someone honestly laughing at this meme, I'll stab them.
I read about 3 old Field and Streams, one torn cover issue of People where all the photos of Tom Cruise had his eyes scribbled out in black ball point pen and a year old past issue of Highlights while sitting in the waiting room in order to "wait for it".
Damn it guys...I want to fit in...I laughed.

I liked it.

I'd consider a new title, though -- "Aragorn's Coronation / Changing of the Guard" perhaps.
Adham Nu'man
This is shit.
Ha! Gayyyy! at the lot of you then.
asian hick
fuck off
Cherry Pop Culture
I'm not into Lord of the Rings. Am I missing something?
Caminante Nocturno
It's like that scene from Princess Bride.
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