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Desc:Here's an informative video - youtube has lots of reaction videos...
Category:Educational, Arts
Tags:food, fish, swedish chef, QI, gross
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Never eat a "delicacy" in any country where parts of the traditional cuisine inspired alcoholic beverages strong enough to make you not care what you were putting in your gob.

I have a similar policy for consuming anything whose recipe was created in a time of famine.
Really wanted that last guy to open it..
Jet Bin Fever
Taste is so tied to smell though. I just don't see how you could get it down.
well he said the correct way to eat it is washed off of fermented juice, on toast, with plenty of fresh onion on top. Which would do a good job of removing most of the odor and diluting/enhancing the flavor.

I think I remember a Swedish embassy somewhere was built with a rooftop dining area specifically so that this could be served.

Jet Bin Fever
hahaha. Hilarious. So much effort for a rotten fish.

As a little kid growing up in Scandinavia, I spent a few of my summers at a summer residence that neighboured a family of Swedes. Each Midsummer's Eve, they would shamelessly open one of these cans and piss all of my relatives off. The stench was unbelievable, and would easily travel within a mile radius.

Within half an hour, all the adults would become completely smashed on brännvin and vodka, because that's the only way anyone can undergo this insane custom. Us kids just had to suffer through it.
Nothing can be as bad as durian.

Durian's fine, you just got one that wasn't ripe.

How do you tell?

The local asian markets always seem to have them for sale, been wanting to try one.

Things i learned from poeTV.
no qi tag?

As someone who loves Kimchi and 99% of food not of my own culture, I am horrified.
fermented vegetabiles and/or fruit are nothing compared to fermented fish/meats.

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