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Desc:Featuring a disembodied face over 80s cg graphics
Category:Classic TV Clips, Horror
Tags:Sesame Street, counting
Submitted:Spaceman Africa
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Comment count is 17
I can't get an exact date on this, but it's more like early 1970s. The backgrounds were done using a Scanimate analogue computer video synthesizer which Children's Television Workshop also used extensively on the Electric Company.


I believe the face itself is a puppet made out of 3 bands (like rubber bands) and manipulated using sticks with puppeteers below the camera, and the sticks were probably Chromakeyed with the background so you can't see them.
I would give my left nut for any modular analog video synthesizer, especially the scanimate (which has a tag, I believe).


Henson did this with Raymond "Powerhouse" Scott, early Moog pioneer. The thing had been around before Sesame Street, used for a Tylenol commercial. The graphics behind the character were not invented yet, they were just weird lights and visuals and Henson complained about his headache and Scott played the Moog.

Sorry Zircon, I was going to suggest eBay but there aren't any racks of video synthesizers to be found there.

Boomer The Dog
I don't know if I remember that from Sesame, but very cool. I also think 1970s because of the Moog, and I don't think they were trying to be unsettling, just to have something really modern and memorable.

Remember it well from childhood. Wasn't creeped out by it at all, just entertained and possibly mildly educated.
I also remember this and it always took my attention away from my Spaghettios as it was intriguing and disturbing at the same time.

I remember seeing this as well. I liked any kind of computer graphics. I remember the 3D animation in the credits of Amazing Stories blew my mind.

Binro the Heretic
This is definitely from the 1970s because I remember being terrified by it when I was about five or six years old.

The siren sound near the end was the worst. I just knew something horrible had happened.
This was basically a sequel to this: http://www.poetv.com/video.php?vid=2655
anybody else hear zappa?
Boomer The Dog
A Badger, cool, I'ma Dog.

Also hearing Mort Garson, Sun Ra.


Cherry Pop Culture
Early Sesame Street scares me. I guess I am one of the lucky ones that grew up in it's prime (late 80s-mid 90s)
Cherry Pop Culture
"Prime" being filtered through nostalgia probably

Boomer The Dog
Those would have been the Barkley years, a great time!


What ever happened to Barkley?

Boomer The Dog
Hi Homer, I was shopping and didn't get back to your comment right away. I also know that you guys like simple answers, but I tend to be a blogger when it comes to the subject of anything Canine.

I don't really know what happened to him, it seemed like they just faded him out as a character from what I remember, but there was a few years where he was on it a whole lot in their bits.

Once I found him I was watching to see his stuff, and I especially loved the closing credits, the whole couple of minutes with Bark with the kids in the park playing tag, and later I'd tune in the endings just to see that. I'd watch in later times and I just stopped seeing him, so I just didn't watch the show much after that.

Barkley was still in the movies, like Follow That Bird, making me hit the torrents at different times on a grabbing spree to see if he or Rowlf is in some video.

I both wanted to meet Barkley's puppeteer and didn't want to meet them at the time. It might break the illusion, and I was trying to be a Dog more openly at the time and here's someone doing it on TV and having fun, and for some reason I was intimidated by that a bit.

I thought Bark's Dog acting was so close to a real Dog, and I know that Dog behaviors are kind of universal and stereotypical, but most people don't pay much attention, even when they costume Dogs, so that was really good.

I know it was the intention with Bark, he was supposed to be a totally natural Dog, so he had to go into Canine mode really good, something I hadn't seen in a character before that.

I did read an article about the puppeteer about ten years ago, and he was talking about it, but most of the interview was about other stuff he did. It might just be that he outgrew the character, and I could see normal people wanting to be known for something other than being a Dog.

I'm going to have to follow up on Barkley for articles I'm writing on all of my favorite Dogs.

Thanks for asking and setting me off into a shower of yaps, Homer.. Are you into Barkley or other characters too, and do you have a site about all of your stuff?

Off of my boomerthedog.net site I have a Favorite Dogs page, very simplified for Boomer The Dog site visitors. Currently I'm working on a photomorphs page of half Dog half Human CGI morph mixes I make.. Writing this now I just got a great idea for a banner or background on the site!


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