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Desc:With two simple steps.
Category:Military, Stunts
Tags:ak-47, short and sweet, disable
Submitted:Crab Mentality
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Comment count is 19
glasseye - 2013-10-11
Minus the round in the chamber... but yeah. ;)
Isfahan - 2013-10-11
The second kick hit the charging handle, which would eject the round in the chamber.

Also the magazine wasn't locked in, it was just sitting in the magwell via friction. He just bumped it with his foot so it would fall free.

Crab Mentality - 2013-10-11
I thought about that- on an AK, the magazine release is opposite the way the magazine curves, so if you kicked a boot in there just right perhaps you could depress that part enough to make the magazine fall away...

...but it's probably just two guys screwing around and the magazine isn't locked in.

catpenis27 - 2013-10-11
Most of the "real" Russian ak's I've handled (never fired) weren't made all that tight and I could kinda see how kicking it could make the magazine fall out. Still, someone's pointing an AK at me they can do whatever they want. I'm not trying this.

glasseye - 2013-10-12
Aha, I didn't notice that. Nice!

EvilHomer - 2013-10-11
Best way to disable an AK-47 is to pull out an M16.
Dr. Lobotomy - 2013-10-11
I thought it was to hide and call in an airstrike.

catpenis27 - 2013-10-13
From what I understand the M16 was a piece of total shit until the late 70's. The AK was designed to be loose and handle copious amounts of dirt and not jam. The M16 was manufactured to be "so tight that dirt shouldn't get in". Dirt got in, the chrome plating in the receiver was eventually abandoned because of QA issues, and an AK will still probably function fine after being buried for 60 years in the arctic.

But, the M16 fires a better round as far as armor piercing stuff goes, so idk.

EvilHomer - 2013-10-13
The original M16 was a piece of shit, but the jamming issue was largely fixed by the early 70s, and the current showroom models - the M16A2 and A4 - do not have those problems.

If you'll forgive me stroking my scraggly goatee for a minute, the comparison, as I see it, breaks down like this:

The AK-47 is the cheaper rifle. This is a significant advantage for arming citizen militias on the cheap. It's also easier to use, in the sense that it only takes a few hours to learn how to use an AK-47 properly, rather than the few days it takes for training with the M16A2. Again, this is an advantage when arming citizen militias, but one must remember that spending the extra time learning to fire and care for an M16 is really not that big a deal, in most situations. Neither weapon system is rocket science, and refusing to use an M-16 because it's slightly more complicated is like refusing to use a graphing calculator because you think scientific calculators are simpler. The AK's got a larger round, which in theory makes for better stopping power, but in practice is irrelevant (I'll get back to this in a minute). And the AK is famously reliable, although here again, the advantage is fairly inconsequential. While it's true that you can piss all over your AK-47 and it'll still work, why would you want to do this? Cleaning an M16 is a routine no more difficult or complicated than showering or brushing your teeth daily. All it takes is a little discipline.

So what about the advantages of the M16? Well, the first thing to consider is that the M16 is far more accurate, especially at range. It's able to achieve tighter groupings and engage targets at longer distances; this means your bullets will go where you need them, as soon as you need them. Part of this rather marked accuracy gap falls on the shooters themselves - your "typical" Ak-47 user is the sort of ignorant, poorly trained yokel who'll who'll spray, pray, and miss from twenty meters. But there are real, significant mechanical advantages to the M-16 in terms of range and shoot accuracy. Another advantage is the ammunition - being smaller, ammunition for the M16 weighs considerably less. I forget the exact maths offhand, but IIRC one is able to carry something like 33% more ammunition with a comparable load; not only are your rounds going to hit where it counts, you're also going to have more of them to send downrange. Finally, the M16 is able to accept a much wider range of peripheral upgrades and modifications, assuming you have access to them.

Basically, the AK-47 is very good at what it does: providing cheap, no-nonsense firepower to the masses. But in terms of performance and sophistication, the M16 outshines the AK-47 in every respect.

(Homer's note - that said, I don't really like the M16, either. It's too long for me; it's built for someone in the six-foot range, and being only 5'7", it's a real pain the ass for me to handle, especially when firing prone.)

Gmork - 2013-10-11
So cute when you guys try to talk about guns.
EvilHomer - 2013-10-11
How would you disable an AK, Gmork?

Hooker - 2013-10-11
He would give everyone else in the world an AK-47.

SteamPoweredKleenex - 2013-10-11
It sure worked for FPSRussia's Keith Ratliff, whose sizable arsenal, a portion of which was found in the office (where his guns saved him), protected him from being murdered.

Oh, wait, guns don't give you an "on your mark" heads-up.

chumbucket - 2013-10-11
Daisy in the barrel.
Oscar Wildcat - 2013-10-11

Oscar Wildcat - 2013-10-11
...that's how we dealt with the Commie threat back in the day.

Old_Zircon - 2013-10-11
It was DIFFERENTLY abled, you insensitive fucks.
Jet Bin Fever - 2013-10-11
Usually it's the AK that does the disabling.
exy - 2013-10-11
In Soviet Russia... ho boy

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