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Desc:IAMTHEEND1000 munches chips and reflects on his existence
Category:Educational, Horror
Tags:fat, Aspergers, iamtheend1000
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Comment count is 11
True garbage data. I feel nauseated.
asian hick
I'd dispute the Aspergers diagnosis. That may just be wishful thinking, though. It just seems like he loses his mystique as such a perfect storm of dullness, stupidity and loserdom if there's a medical explanation.
In the additional info, he lists a phone number one can call if one wishes to leave sir a message.

I do hope sir is prepared for deep insights into his personal character.
asian hick
He has a dedicated band of trolls. They even made a website:


Jet Bin Fever
Yikes. They have almost as much time to devote to him as he devotes to useless bullshit himself.

Jet Bin Fever
Oh, nevermind. It's just one guy apparently asking for donations. Not as developed as ChurchofGail or Cwciki, etc.

Oh my fucking god
"Well, nothing happened today". Not anything around the visual range of his couch anyway.
Admittedly, his computer is broken. If you want the chance to see something truly riveting, you have to donate to his Paypal account and he can get a new machine.

Too bad we won't seem him buying it, unless they loan it to him first.

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