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Desc:Don't look in the basement!
Category:Video Games
Tags:dojo, shenmue, twist ending, empty dojo without shelves
Submitted:infinite zest
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Comment count is 14
Crab Mentality
Fuku-San sure is a lot of help.
Mr. Purple Cat Esq.
FUCK YOU FUKU-SAN!! ... There, I said it!
Fuck dude! I'm down in a pit. Could YOU go get the fucking flashlight?!?

Sexy Duck Cop
"B-b-b-but the paint here is all spooky!"

Sexy Duck Cop
"The wall is a different color here."
"OhHhHhHhHhH no! This place is creepy!"
"How is it that someone who teaches self-defense for a living is such an incredible pussy he's afraid of conflicting shades of paint?"
"I don't really fight anyone. Mostly I just practice alone in an empty dojo without shelves."
I'm with Fuku San here, this shit is 2spooky4me
So is saying the person your with's name every sentence a Japanese thing or a bad writing thing?
infinite zest
Ask the X-files writers

One of the more fun conditions of the X-files drinking game is every time a phone conversation begins exactly like this:

Scully: Scully
Mulder: Scully, it's me.
Scully: Mulder? Where are you?

Also, referring to people you've worked with and developed a friendship/romance with by their last name for 9 years.

1:08 - If confused about proper flashlight technique, just pretend you're holding your wang.
Sexy Duck Cop
By the way, the whole "Go into the basement just so you can realize you need a flashlight and leave the basement to get a flashlight three feet away because your dipshit karate brother can't look at a color swatch without shitting all over the Home Depot paint aisle" thing is exactly why everyone should hate Shenmue.
Yes. I really don't know what i was thinking when I played both of them. I guess I liked the detail of it all, which I also loved in the Yakuza series (and was done much better by making it SKIPPABLE).

I played this before living in Asia, and I thought it was interesting. Since I've been there, I've played the Yakuza games and found them nostalgic. Looking back on this makes me think I was was just obsessed with Asian shit at the time. To be fair, it wasn't Anime, so that's a plus.

infinite zest
I was writing for sega otaku back then, so they got me a Japanese version so we could have "exclusive footage" and shit.. Back then we were pretty much competing with ign and gamespot for "exclusive" footage, even though people could just go to Famitsu if they wanted to.

Besides 2 or 3 simple phrases, I knew no Japanese, and still don't. But I had a video capture device, so they had me do it. Imagine those "clueless gamer" videos Conan does, and that was me, but even more confused.

With no walk through, I somehow managed to finish the game, not knowing anything besides someone killed Ryu's dad.

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