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Desc:hey guys im back!
Category:Horror, Educational
Tags:Transvestite, booty, instructional, ratchet, daisy dukes
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Comment count is 21
I don't use facebook, so I can't see this. Although Instructional Transvestite Booty sounds pretty promising.
neither do I, but I can still see it (?)

orcs: so are you dead or in jail or JHM's sex dungeon or what?
Jet Bin Fever
You were gone? I just thought the laptop you shared with 20 violent homeless men ran out of batteries or that you sold it for cheap booze, blow, and a cot at the Y.
you seem to have quite a bit of displaced anger towards women. that's a very innacurate description of my tablet situation which i bought cash, you fucking heeb

Jet Bin Fever
Are you calling me a Hebrew? And I'm just teasing you, don't cut my face with razors please.

Father Avalanche
no one would have known you were a woman, had you not posted a link with a photo of you on this website.

Father Avalanche
but also, please don't cut us with razors along our face

Hi orcs! I'm glad you're doing OK.
Oscar Wildcat
Diseased half-reanimated lurching corpse of Orcs briefly infiltrates PoeTV.

Do tell us more of your horrible crusty tales; as per ashtar.
why dont you tell me something about yourself or would you rather just fire shots from the dark

that really hurt my feelings so congratulations

im in bushwick i have been volunteering at film and music fests. money is good summer is good
Well, this doesn't help to counter the "leg exercises are for sissies" myth.
thanks for the thinly veiled woman hate guys. im a strong independent girl whos been doing this shit a long time and to have all you wish for me to be GANGBANGED TO DEATH by HOBOS kind of resonated over the years. so this will probably be goodbye for me, i wish i could flick all your fedoras off your fat fucking heads. if you care to look at my submissions you might see i was actually trying to contribute to this site which i have been visiting since the early 2000s possibly late 90s. but the vitriol really got to me and i guess i'm going to be leaving what i considered one of my original and most treasured bastions of comfort on the web. toodles :( would love to hear some details about all of YOUR lives since you seem to eager to eviscerate mine for my choices.
stay strong gurl

Hey, not everyone here wants you to get gangbanged by hobos! You're a great poster; you've made a lot of interesting submissions over the years, and I know I'm not the only person who thinks so.

I'd tell you not to sweat the haters, but I'm sure you know that already, and to be honest I'd be mighty pissed if people posted coded rape fantasies about me, too. So I'll just say, I hope you come back, and in the meantime, I hope the road treats you well.

Father Avalanche
thinly veiled woman hate? pretty much everything i've seen here, save for that extremely unpleasant rape quote (which i'm sure is on here in some form or fashion), has been just a large part of the community (myself included) absolutely disliking your particular sub-culture of american culture. i wish you no harm in your interstate begging or railway beer chuggin. bozo texino is on your side.

Aw shit. I just meant that as sort of jocular ribbing, but I can see how the sexual stuff crosses a line. Sorry. I enjoy your posts and submissions.

I also enjoy your interactions with JHM.

Spaceman Africa
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