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Desc:This is serious. The mormons really think this is neato.
Category:Music Videos, Humor
Tags:Rap, lame, pathetic, dork, mormon
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the only way anybody could get me to go to salt lake city is to burn it to the ground
Huh! Yeah! C'mon Now! HUH!
...bwhahahahahaha..I honestly thought it was funny when he was attacked by the caffiene.
I was raised mormon, and I own this cassette. I used to think it was hilarious.
I was also raised mormon. I don't know if I'm cringeing more from mormonism, or this rap
'Nother Ex-Mormon here. I never heard this ('inactive' as of 11 yrs ago) but it's brilliant. I love.
hahaha...I too ex-mormon human, and yeah used to listen to this, but never saw the oh so awesome video.

It's not possible to get whiter than this.
"I'm as funky as Donny and Marie."
This fetch is flip!
he wears his sunglasses in his study/so he can, so he can't/resist a bottle of pepsi
Aubrey McFate
Insanely, excessively pale and anti-funky. WHAM had more soul than this guy.
Killer Joe
I will remix this.
William Burns
Rip-Rap Dippity Doo!
Spastic Avenger
The irony of using rap, a predominantly black genre of music, in a song about a denomination that until very recently considered black people to be thoroughly inferior is delicious.
not considered infieror, just pure evil because they're decendants of cain.

Spastic Avenger
bugger, forgot to star.
Bravely rated and reviewed, ryanowens.
Spastic Avenger
I'm working on Mesoamerican material at the museum at the moment. The Mayans, Teotihuacanos and Olmecs are rather quiet on the subject of a bunch of semitic immigrants arriving on the yucatan peninsula.
Missing the tags 'white', 'really really white', and 'basement'.
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