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Category:Cartoons & Animation
Tags:Mortal Kombat, flipbook
Submitted:infinite zest
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Paper kuts.
Caminante Nocturno
Earthrealm is doomed!
These flipbooks cause school shooterings. These flipbooks and those damned Marylin Manson Gramophones.
There's so much wrong with this, I hardly know where to begin.

You can't fatalities at the end of each round, unless you've got the match length set to One Round only, or you're doing an environmental stage fatality in one of the games that includes them (Deception, Unchained, Armageddon).
The character designs are from MK3, yet most of the moves are taken (possibly even rotoscoped) from MK2011.
Noncanonical mobile ports notwithstanding, Shang Tsung has not had the ability to morph freely since at least MK:Trilogy (when CD loadtime issues forced Midway to include an optional system of morph restriction). Shang's subsequent loss of all morphing abilities was explained in-universe as a consequence of his failures during the third tournament. While it's possible that the artist is indeed using 2011 rules (as a new timeline, MK2011 recontextualizes the first three games and ignores all the events of Shinnok's invasion onward), Shang Tsung's morphing ability would still be restricted to his current opponent only, and then only as the direct result of a throw-style special move. Unless, of course, Shang were controlled by the AI, but that seems unlikely, as he is in the lefthand (first player) position.
And oh my God, Shang Tsung does not do the Beat Down fatality! Beat Down is Quan Chi's move! It is true, both fanon and direct in-game evidence demonstrate that Shang can perform any fatality while morphed, but he does NOT morph into Quan Chi prior to performing Beat Down in this flipbook.

How can someone spend so much time on a project like this, and yet get so many things wrong?
You've earned these. Don't spend them all in one place.

infinite zest
That's a really good point. I played MKII for a while but then pretty much stopped. I couldn't even name some of these characters without looking it up. His or her's other stuff is mostly DBZ (another show I know nearly nothing about) but they seem pretty accurate.

Jet Bin Fever
You're a genius. But, It's a shame you've devoted all your intelligence to dumb worthless bullshit.

Wow, glad I stopped playing this series after Ultimate. Sounds like it went straight to Suckville.

JBF, you sound like my father! But seriously, having grown up in the company of many geniuses, I can tell you that almost all of them waste their intelligence on worthless bullshit. Being in Mensa is a pretty solid indicator that you're at failure at life.

Meme - 2911 is actually really good, a critical and commercial success. But every game between II and the latest one was received more poorly than the last. (I still liked them, though)

Dr. Lobotomy
Mortal Kombat doesn't have "Perfect", it's "Flawless Victory"!
Jesus, was this a Rodney King simulator flipbook? At least Superman fought back against Goku in the other one.
infinite zest
There was this teen at the arcade who would just school us kids all day at Mortal Kombat 3. I couldn't even jump before he pulled some shit. Shang Tsung's going pretty easy on poor Jax compared to that kid.

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