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Desc:You can't experience the totality of that moment.
Category:Science & Technology, Horror
Tags:, existential crisis, vcr demo, oakley sunglasses, 7th grade
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Comment count is 7
Lef - 2015-08-03
This went above and beyond my expectations. I need to remember to stop 5 starring everything and keep that 5th star for real gold such as this.
robots - 2015-08-03
The real magic happens at 2:20, I surrender all my stars.
chumbucket - 2015-08-03
Ha-ha Dennis Hopper. Love that guy!
Scrimmjob - 2015-08-03
This dude is like if Dennis Hopper and Lemmy had a butt baby!

Scrimmjob - 2015-08-03
Great story about the betamax collection!
memedumpster - 2015-08-04
Portrait of the Plinkett as a Young Man
boner - 2015-08-04
This rules.
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