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Desc:He claims he will retire. They are incredulous. They know justice and the road call him.
Tags:city council, Americans, FEDSMOKER, Saint, local government
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Oscar Wildcat
Could you imagine a more appropriate state for the Smoker to take up residence in than Oregon? He is finally found his tribe.
I might be wrong, but I think he's originally from Sweet Home, Oregon. I lived in Oregon a few years back, and he was posting videos of my city on one of his active channels. I took off work and spent a few days trying to track the fucker down, to no avail.

Oscar Wildcat
Of course... of course.

I've never been. Is it as amazingly banal and meth-ridden as it sounds?

Oscar Wildcat
Prolly, but I've never been either. Just meant the state in general. It's ground zero for the most colorful of our citizenry. Say for example some dude in Arizona gets a pocket constitution stuck up his ass and needs some sweet federal relief, why he makes a beeline straight for Burns. It's some kind of natural phenomena, I think. Like plate tectonics.

a bunch of his old videos made it sound like he was from red oak, iowa

He moves around (or did when he still had his car), but there was some auto forum where a mechanic was describing him coming in, had pictures of the FEDSMOKER, and said that Herk said he was from Sweet Home.

Who really knows though. Shine on, you meth-stained diamond.

Fedsmoker is the Donald Trump of crazy people.
Fedsmoker is the Fedsmoker of crazy people.

Fedsmoker is the Batman of crazy people.

Oscar Wildcat
Let Fedsmoker = Fedsmoker.

Best way to watch: on mute, skipping ahead in jumps to watch the transitioning looks of confusion and horror on the council's faces.
Is that an actual powder wig on the right?
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