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Desc:Gotta get this in under the wire for 90's week. YA!
Category:Music Videos, Business
Tags:cake, The Distance, YA!
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Comment count is 12
This album is great. I stole it from my sister when I was just a wee lad of 10.
These guys are so brilliantly cheesey
Wonderful stuff.
Cake= Delicious in all its forms.
LeMoyne IV
I always pictured dude looking more like Andrew Bird.

Never thought he would look like Nocash.
I like this band but they get kinda boring after a while.
Billy the Poet
A catchy piece of 90's nostaligia or a visionary warning of the coming furry plague?
Video puts the song in perspective (but what was with the furries?)
I'm not 100% with the music, but I'll give it props for the anti-corporate message. Fuck those people, their espresso machines and their Bush votes.
I haven't been on here for that long. I don't think I've seen quite this type of troll before, at least as blatantly. Am I not paying attention?

Anyway, excellent 90's nostalgia.

A Jumping Spider!
I hated this song for a long time, it was so overplayed by the one alternative station we could actually get in my area... but I have nothing but love for this video. It's not even that great, but I just love it.
Bravely rated and reviewed, ryanowens.
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