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Desc:You are receiving this broadcast as a dream.
Category:Classic Movies, Horror
Tags:dream, John Carpenter, prince of darkness, causality violation
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Comment count is 17
zatojones - 2007-11-14
kind of a spoiler
Rovin - 2007-11-14
Eh, not really a spoiler as it's meaningless outside of its film (of which this is one of the very best moments).

Pity about Prince of Darkness... it starts out SO damned strong, then just goes to hell in its latter half.

Xiphias - 2007-11-14
I think 20 years is a good cut-off for when it's ok to talk about a movie

FABIO2 - 2007-11-15
It's not a spoiler because it's meaningless to things outside the movie? What?

Rovin - 2007-11-15
I mean, it's meaningless to see this clip outside of the movie, because without the context of the film it's in it... well... doesn't MEAN anything, it's just a weird, creepy video.

Now, let's say that you show, for example, the bit from Halloween III where the kid's watching T.V. and the mask erupts snakes. That'd be a spoiler. Or the end of Titanic, where Leo sinks off dead into the ocean. That's a spoiler (and, honestly, quite pleasurable, though disheartening that it takes something like four hours to reach that point). They're major plot points. The most this Prince of Darkness clip gives away is that whoever's seeing this is receiving some sort of broadcast from a future where a girl in eighties hair stands in a church doorway while being shot in shaky-cam.

FABIO2 - 2008-03-25
It doesn't show the face of the chick until the very end. Her identity is a fairly large spoiler.

The Man Who Cares - 2007-11-14
DJ Shadow, represent!
Innocent Bystander - 2007-11-14

This reminds me of the time I first saw Dead Calm after listening to Endtroducing. Blew me away.

DrVital - 2007-11-14

oswaldtheluckyrabbit - 2007-11-15
While I'm waiting to be heard on my traffic offenses! parking tickets! I panicked, I'm thinking, oh my god, man, while I'm here, what's to stop them? I mean what's really to stop them, oh, I assumed that maybe some day my mother would realize that I should have gotten out! Yeah, she was nice, she would have known but still, what's to stop them?

athodyd - 2007-11-15
I had a similar reaction during Jacob's Ladder.

Herr Matthias - 2007-11-16
Insight, foresight. The clock on the wall reads a quarter past midnight.

StanleyPain - 2007-11-14
Why is THIS on YouTube and not:

yoyo1 - 2007-11-14
best part of the movie indeed
threads - 2007-11-15
This movie used to mess with me so bad as a kid.
FABIO2 - 2007-11-15
Never thought this movie held up when you tried watching it again as an adult, in fact it's downright silly. As far as fun weird low brow Carpenter horror movies go In the Mouth of Madness is a thousand times better.
Aubrey McFate - 2007-11-15
5 for causality violation.
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