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Desc:Jesus Christ what the HELL you guys
Category:Cartoons & Animation, Horror
Tags:Blackface, mushrooms, elm-chanted forest, stalactite bukkake, WHY DOES THIS EXIST
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Comment count is 17
Merzbau - 2007-12-01
Thank you, Ask Metafilter, for scarring me for the rest of my life:

Aubrey McFate - 2007-12-01
...Jesus Christ almighty
snothouse - 2007-12-01
I reacted to this the way others react to "two girls one cup"
AgentOrange - 2007-12-01
This to you was as repugnant as people eating their own shit? Get over yourself.

Hooper_X - 2007-12-01
Wow. That mushroom sounded uncannily like Grand Master Flash.
Jimmy Labatt - 2007-12-01
This makes me want to play act III of Diablo II again for some reason
theFlu - 2007-12-01
I hear that guy in the video was captured while trying to get the Gidbinn Dagger - that's hell difficulty for you

futurebot - 2007-12-01
Well, at least I know what tonight's nightmare is going to be ahead of time.
Ahriman the Creepy Lurker - 2007-12-01
So...mushrooms have keytars. And fangs.

Is this from a children's movie or an acid flashback?
Scynne - 2007-12-01
This doesn't exist. It can't. It simply can't.
dead_cat - 2008-02-18
It exists, and has a sequel that, thankfully, was never translated into english.

William Burns - 2007-12-01
I watched this movie as a little kid and knew there was something very wrong, but I didn't really know why at the time.
Maggot Brain - 2007-12-01
It wouldn't as good/bad if they'd just found a key and stayed with it.
K Clobber - 2007-12-01
K Clobber - 2007-12-01
oh. it's croatian. five stars.

Corman's Inferno - 2007-12-08
This clip captures only a part of how insanely entertaining this movie is. It's Croatia/USA co-production. I rewatched it a few years ago on a double-bill with the Apple.
Meerkat - 2007-12-23
Somebody has some penis issues.
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