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Desc:Apologies for the overdubbed Middle Eastern music.
Category:Sports, Horror
Tags:Soccer, creepy, seizure, Angel of Death
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Comment count is 26
Caminante Nocturno
All I can think of is how this clip would be with goofy music and sound effects.
Caminante, you wonderful bastard, you read my mind. I'm uploading just such a video right now and it will be in the hopper shortly.

-1 because he didn't actually die, although this event did come to be called the "Angel of Death incident." 5 stars anyway because I am fascinated by epilepsy and other diseases of the mind.

this is not a six star system. you need to give your pluses and minuses to explain how you got from 1-5, or in rare cases 1 zillion stars. example: -2 because the video quality is not good and you can't see the impact with his head good. +2 because of his michael jackson thriller zombie dance before he dies

i supposed to vote four stars and now i am the retard. thank you all.

Geoff Marr
I didn't know seizures looked like dancing. That's how I want to go out.
Those are called automatisms. They vary from person to person, but mostly they depend on where the seizure starts and how the seizure spreads through the brain. Some people just shake and crap themselves.

If he were crapping himself while doing his little seizure dance, it would have spawned a new fetish on the internet.

Oh yeah - if you want to see some really cool automatisms, you should check out partial seizures (and in particular complex partial seizures). In a CPS, the seizure only affects part of the brain, so that the victim loses conscious awareness but may still be capable of carrying out other complex actions (such as walking or talking).

This presents many unusual risks: For example, the victim may attempt to shower (perhaps without removing his clothes) but set the water temperature far too high. Since he lacks awareness, he may continue standing under the water until he has been burned severely. In fact, a CPS may conceivably cause someone to attempt ANY complex action they normally could, from dancing to driving a car. They may also exhibit wild personality changes, sudden terror, blind fits of rage, or even euphoria.

So anyway, epilepsy: proof that the human brain was built by an idiot.

epilepsy brings the motherfucking funk
^ 5 star commentary

Caminante Nocturno
"You're right, Death. I can't outrun you... BUT I CAN OUTDANCE YOU!!!"

That was the most badass seizure. If seizuring were an olympic sport, he would have scored a 10.0.

I can't stop hearing the bass line from Billy Jean.
I give that seizure 5 stars
Four stars cause Caminante's got me wanting to hear a slide whistle and yakkity sax.

I didn't add a slide whistle though.

Don't think I didn't think about four starring your video, too. The slide whistle is really important!

I never knew epileptics could do backflips in mid-seizure. Also, is this clip being used by some islamic fundamentalists as proof angels exist and are out to get you?
Spinal trauma is the only conceivable way I could ever do a backflip.

If he'd gotten the ball and scored during his seizure, he'd be spoken of in the same breath as Pele and Maradona.
Wow, that is a hell of a cool seizure!

I'm glad the dude didn't die, though. I was starting to get creeped out by the replays.
Oh. It was a seizure. I thought he was doing the Flair Flop. Dude was selling it like a champ!
j lzrd / swift idiot
That is some impressive flailing right there.
Now I understand the Yakety Sax version! And still laughing...
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