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Desc:Pretty amazing. Youtube links to about a zillion drawings of dicks.
Category:Educational, Arts
Tags:animated, drawing, art, hands
Submitted:a flaming monkey
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Comment count is 14
Rabid Vegan
This is how the world looks like to someone with severe ADHS.
Frank Rizzo
this is the awesomest thing ever
Pfft. I can erase just as well as him, and that's like half of it.
Spit Spingola
I love whiteboards.
Holy shit
Innocent Bystander
Dupe dupe dupe. Not finding it but dupe fa sho.
That's funny because your face is also a dupe. So is your mom. Your mom is a dupe of several whores. Your mom is also stupid.

How does that feel? Feels pretty bad, right?

Innocent Bystander

fuck you.

a flaming monkey
Yeah, well. It happens.

a flaming monkey
Well, it's actually duped twice now that I see. But I had no idea it was called 'Hitchhiker's Minilogue' or whatever... What does that even mean? Whoever put this one on youtube, must have ripped it off from the original creator or something. Also, when I searched for 'white board' it didn't come up, since I should have put in 'whiteboard'. Oh well.

j lzrd / swift idiot
The McK
2:41 even in the midst of all this amazing art, there is still something about whiteboards which compels people to draw wangs.

Arguably also 4:00
Awesome! Next time I want 4 minutes of an acid trip without taking acid, I'll watch this.
j lzrd / swift idiot
The combination with the music gave me flashbacks. I used to/still do love that kind of FlatJazz.

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