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Desc:Sandra Lee-esque squirrel recipe. Weirdly, no Southern accents.
Category:Educational, Pets & Animals
Tags:white trash, squirrel meat, onion soup mix
Submitted:bang to buck ratio
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Comment count is 15
Shotgun Jackson
I'm eating what?
Fancy Rat

Johnny Roastbeef
It just seems like going to all that effort to cook squirrel is like having Dom Perignon with a Quarter Pounder with cheese.
Big Beef Burritos Supreme
Or even chicken!
More M. F. K. Fisher-esque, tbh.
yeah, we just call that "MMFKF-E,TBH" here on the internet.

bang to buck ratio
needs MMFKF-E TBH tag

Why was her 'white wine' red?
you 3-starred this video because of that?

not as evil as the squirrel melts though

you must try them.
Dammit you beat me to it. That's my catch phrase now for when I see any disgusting recipe prepared.

Comrade Admiral
That actually looked surprisingly tasteful, all things considered.

A more Sandra Lee-esque approach would be

1: Boil squirrel in Campbell's Tomato Soup
2: Top with aerosol EZ Cheeze to taste
3: Serve with tortilla chips
Jesus Christ. How common is this? How many Americans have or will wind up eating squirrel meat?
Some folk'll never eat a squirrel melt
But then, some folk'll

i'd try it. don't know what your problem is.
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