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Desc:The trailer for the film from whence came 'Jesus, Man!'. 'I'm not impacting anyone for Christ, Dad!'
Category:Trailers, Religious
Tags:Jesus, man, christianity, white people, religious cinema
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Comment count is 14
If you reject the Lord, you're doomed to run down the street and almost get hit by a car, but it'll stop in time.

Caminante Nocturno
I mean, you're a real nice guy, some girl is going to be real lucky to get horribly disappointed by you on their wedding night.
This is disgusting. I wish you were never a believer too, kid.
Oh my shit, I actually think I may have been forced to see this in the brief years my mother made me go to Catholic education. I didn't recognize it from the Jesus Man, clip, but the guy appearing out of nowhere in the kid's backyard while he's taking out the trash I for sure remember.
Catholics actually make good religious movies, why would they make you watch a film for retards? Catholicism is so fucking weird.

No they don't. At least, not stuff geared towards kids/teens. It was all stuff like after school specials with retardedly ham-handed religious messages.


Well, there's the Chronicles of Narnia (the cheapo BBC versions are truer to the books and actually better in a lot of ways), and The Red Balloon is essentially an allegory for Christ, though I don't know if Lamorisse himself had that background (but he did invent Risk!). There was also Heidi, which is terrible as an adult but when you are a small child is pretty entertaining. There's also The Miracle of Marcelino, which is perhaps not very popular here but is a much adulated children's film in European Catholic countries. Still a great film:

Anyway, I guess if you mean it has to be actually about people *SAYING* I LOVE GOD all over the place in order to qualify, like these morons do, then there isn't such a thing as a good religious movie, period.

Movie's worth a watch. It doesn't just stop at "Jesus, Man!" and "Angels are Dicks."
"It Isn't a Wonderful Life Without Jesus Christ as Your Personal Lord and Savior" was too long.
I don't get why he has to make a wish over something he has complete control over. It's like, I wish I could stop eating this horrible sandwich, but I got it and I took a bite so I have to keep eating. No, man. You can just go, Oh being a Christian is lame; I'm not gonna do it anymore. It's pretty easy. Ask any disaffected teenager.
Did that angel just say his name is MURIEL?
HAHA!! That angel has a girl's name.
Point and laugh, everyone!
Rodents of Unusual Size
Without being saved, David was free to hone in and act upon all of his homosexual impulses, burning inside him like brimstone.
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