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Desc:Much cuteness results.
Category:Pets & Animals, Arts
Tags:cat, cute, samoyed, CATegory
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Comment count is 23
Tuan Jim
Samoyeds are big, fluffy and friendly dogs that are good.

They're live teddy bears.

wtf japan
That's funny because it looks like a chow, which is a horribly ill-tempered breed that regularly mauls children.

Five stars because my friend's Samoyed died yesterday. RIP, Bodhi.
Frank Rizzo
5 stars because I killed a samoyed yesterday
My dad own a Samoyed. It's still alive.
Five stars for all the samoyeds out there, living and dead, I guess.
Stupid Lisa Garbage Face
Suddenly I feel like buying expensive toilet paper

Five stars because I am a samoyed and I died yesterday
Ivory and ivory live together in perfect harmony
King of Balls
Samoyeds are adorable.
Gay chubby dating.
Timothy A. Bear
Tired of waiting for spontaneous cuteness, shoves cat in dog's face.
My grandparents always had samoyeds. The males are the big, cuddly ones as seen here. The females are skinny and hyper.
Walt Henderson
I dunno, the only Samoyed I know is female, and she's big and cuddly. She steals everyone's food.

aw, kitten gives it love chomp
Caminante Nocturno
Say hello to Kitty Cat, Doggy.

Now be cute around each other.
Interspecial fluffiness.
Poor Excuse
The end all cure for any level of depression. We'll be rich.
5 stars because apparently cats kill samoyed dogs.
Big Beef Burritos Supreme
This video is gayer than men sleeping with other men.
If this white cat and white dog can get along, can't we put aside our differences and come together as white people?
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