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Desc:Lahey's losing it!
Category:Classic TV Clips, Humor
Tags:Trailer Park Boys, Bubbles, julian, mr. lahey, themilkshark is a dick
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Comment count is 17
I've never seen this show. I am not sure if this is the best thing ever or utter dogshit. I don't feel like watching a bad attempt at sketch comedy whether this is one or not, so I will one star it simply to counteract all the Tim and Eric hate since I am a fan of that show. So there. Fuck you and the show you like. Post more Daniel Songer.
Godard's Drinking Problem
You are villain and a scoundrel. Your reasoning is asinine. Your rationale, absurd. I love this show. I love Tim and Eric. Think before you flap your stupid binary lips. Think, or shut the fuck up.

Gogard's statement is correct, but I find it inelegant.

You're a dumb soulless ignorant flawed peice of shit without a correct opinion on anything. Your measure of class and distinction is overvalued when stated as worthless. I expect your lips have been around a dog's cock. I have no idea who Tim and Eric are, and I don't care. Your endorsement of them only sets their value at boring shit. Nothing you ever do or say will measure to any standard of respect. Your reasons for behaving as you do is soulless and mundane. If I had the chance, I'd pay a homeless man to assault you to the point of unconsciousness with money from my tuition.I would pay another to fuck you in the ass while filming on VHS, and I'd send the copies of the tape to your family, friends, and employer.

Nothing you ever do will ever be right.

You're wrong. I know this is a measure of repetition but I believe it's the only way you'll understand the word I am saying.

Of all the terrible reasons, that may be the dumbest yet.

"I don't know anything about it, but it could hypothetically be like an other show that I like, that other people might not like, so 1-star to spite them.."

The Townleybomb
I didn't really care for this as much as some other clips from this show, but I five-starred it just to show you the error of your ways.

I'll have you know you have all made my day.

Who the fuck are "tim and eric?"

It is a brilliant mock reality show and you are wrong.

And I'm pretty sure Tim & Eric love the trailer park boys.

Oh, gosh, milkshark, you sure got us.

Way to try to reach for dumbest poster on PoETV, you fucking mong.

Ha ha you acted like an idiot, and people thought you were an idiot. Man. Socially engineered!

Syd Midnight
I think it says it all that you defend the Tim & Eric show by 1-starring hilarious comedy

I think it loses the funny if you don't watch the show and don't know the context, but luckily I do watch and do know.

What little ive seen of this show leads me to believe it is mind-numbingly hilarious.
I love this show, but Bubbles is an entity that must be used sparingly to be of greatest effect.
Did he change it to the intro to "Gold Digger" by the end?

Man does this show ever rule.
This is from the best season.
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