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Desc:'Put it in me Scott'
Tags:Advertising, wtf?, some kind of entendre
Submitted:Frank Rizzo
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Comment count is 28
Prickly Pete
Yeaaaaah I just saw this on tv. It made me audibly say "Wha?" Which makes it the best commercial on tv right now...
wtf japan
Over a foot of Quizno's flavor.
while funny, im not sure it's wise to imply that your employees like to fuck your companies appliances.
especially ones that will burn your cock off faster than you can say Pain Olympics

I read that as "Palin Olympics", and it still made sense.

Ovenfucker Feinberg.

Robert DeNegro
That thoundth delectably deliciouth!!
Deserves a "double entendre" tag.
I think this may be a single entendre, or even a fractional entendre.

Frank Rizzo
alright... well updated.

I've noticed quite a few pretty overt sexual ads lately. The glow-in-the-dark semen cheezeit ad is particularly heartwarming.
I like the one where the two ladies are talking about the finger mounted vibrator. There's no double intenuendoes, just women talking about how they like to use a vibrator then a picture of the vibrator. I really want to see the male version, with a fleshlight.

also that bush trimming one, can't forget the bush trimming one

The website feels even creepier. But hey, at least I get a free coupon for being verbally molested.
the slow mo of putting the sandwich in the bag pretty much made my head explode. Quiznos has an incredible marketing department.
So Quizno's is controlled by Hal-Cronenberg devices that want to destroy our minds and turn us into machine fuckers.
Rodents of Unusual Size
This is especially funny given the objectum sexuals theme this week.
I love this. I work at Quizno's and this is the best fucking commercial we've ever had.
Put it in me, Scott. Only four dollars.
"I'm not doing that again." *looks down* "I'm burned."

"We both enjoyed that."
The Mothership
Yes, easy to miss; this is the best part.


Funny commercial.

Crap sandwich.
what's horrifying is we get to eat what comes out of him
Big Beef Burritos Supreme
They need to replace the voice of Hal 9000 with the ghost of Isaac Hayes.
I'd let a Tasty Torpedo penetrate my mouth anytime!
Quiznos: Eat our Meat.
Where to start.

/b/tards becoming a marketable demographic.

Mike Judge's prophecy slowing being fulfilled.

Me being highly amused by commercials like this deep down inside anyway.
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