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Desc:Brother against brother, father against son
Category:Classic Movies, Military
Tags:irish, civil war, Gods & Generals
Submitted:Syd Midnight
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Comment count is 7
this was a sad scene
Yeah, not NEARLY enough Irish died. Har!

PS: Is this movie worth watching? Gettysburg was pretty good except for the beards. But Jeff Sharra is no Michael Sharra.

I couldn't make it past the fake beards and questionable accents

Syd Midnight
Hey, I choked up when the the one Southern guy broke down near the end. Manly tears.

There will never be enough dead Englishmen.
Syd Midnight
I was confused when I read your words, why blame England for this? Then I thought a while, and then I understood.

The Irish were driven from their homeland. They came to a new world, and to prove their loyalty, they had to give their lives, and kill their brothers. Irish fought Irish, and Irish won, but why were they fighting each other for the Yanks and not fighting the English their own soil?

Give Ireland back to the Irish, all of it. :(

Spastic Avenger
I'll be sure to pass on your sentiments if I run into the parents of Johnathan Ball or Tim Parry.

What a despicable and naive thing to say.

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