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Desc:This pretty mcuh had the same effect as Orson Welles' War of the Worlds, or so is my understanding.
Category:Classic Movies, Horror
Tags:BBC, mockumentary, nightmare fuel, GhostWatch
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Big Beef Burritos Supreme
At the end ghosts basically blow up the studio. Yet as ridiculous as it is, people believe anything on TV.
The Faghorn
I've been trying to find this for awhile. Thanks!

And how appropriate that it was a mysterious phantom who submitted it.
Wikipedia says that this was the cause of the first cases of post-traumatic stress disorder caused by a TV programme. What should have meant high fives all round for the creators, instead it meant that it was never repeated on British TV. Boo.

Even as a petrified kid I remember thinking that the studio finale was a big step too far though.
decent idea, crap execution
4 stars goes to the british Don Trump look-alike
Michael Parkinson was probably used because he's the great and trustworthy Michael Parkinson.
It would be like using Oprah Winfrey over here.

Corman's Inferno
Yep. A big part of this was intentionally choosing British TV personalities who could pull this off in a realistic manner.

Rape Van Winkle
Well thanks for ruining it for me before I watched it, commentcunts.
That guy
You could try watching a video, and only then reading the comments?

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