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Desc:The Cold War was chilly at times
Category:News & Politics, Classic TV Clips
Tags:JFK, Cold War, soviets, Cronkite, spit in your eye
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Comment count is 12
Cold War? Sounds like somebody was just burned. SSSSSSSSSSSSSS
goddamn commies
i find it interesting that The Most Respected Newsman of All Time (tm) felt it necessary to preface every likely/absolutely true statement with THIS IS JUST SOME CRAZY COMMIE PROPAGANDA
"One of their 'respected' (as far as a SOVIET goes)"

The Townleybomb
Damn USSR, why you gotta be a bitch?
I remember listening to Radio Moscow on my shortwave receiver when Chernobyl blew up. They canceled all normal broadcasts and sounded like there was this guy in a big empty room reading a statement on how there were hundreds and hundreds of accidents at nuclear power plants all over the US and UK. That statment Cronkite read sounds about right for the Soviets.

Caminante Nocturno
That was the nicest thing the USSR ever said about us.
Damn, USSR, too soon!
Sounded right on the money to me.
Dinkin Flicka
Even if that's so, I think it'd be like if Obama was shot in the head by a sniper in a convertible in Dallas and his brains were splattered on his wife and you were there and you yelled "DUPE"

Hahahaha. Thanks for that image.

I did yell "dupe."

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