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Desc:'The scarf is in a museum... where I'm expected to join it at the end of my life.'
Category:Advertisements, Business
Tags:insanity, QVC, Doctor Who, Tom Baker, insulting the BBC
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Comment count is 15
Man, halfway through the second clip he starts talking about grandma titties and it just goes off the rails.
It's Tom Baker, he always goes off the rails.

Tom Baker doesn't even know what rails look like.

Uh, I'm pretty sure he recognizes at least one kind of rails.

Would you say that he's crazy, and that his train is off the rails?

I would say that. Yes. It is almost a sort of crazy train.

Syd Midnight
He has the rambling confusion of an elegant drunk. The man enjoys fine spirits. Also he would be interesting as The Master.

"Lots of people look forward to it."
Great, for the privilege of getting skid marks on Tom Baker's face.
Timothy A. Bear
He didn't travel through time very well.
He'll be the first in the cue until I shove him in front of a bus and take his place.
There's a timelord in my pants, and he's got the key to your tardis, baby.
He is the British version of William Shatner.
I thought that was Brian Blessed.

jelly babies...dr who sounds like a complete free for all in terms of writing
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