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Desc:I forgot how great this trailer is.
Category:Trailers, Classic Movies
Tags:Trailer, airplanes, Wes Craven, Cillian Murphy
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Comment count is 9
The movie was pretty good too!
He's so much prettier than her.
This is actually a pretty tolerable, decent movie until the ridiculous third act where I guess Wes Craven decided to try and be like Michael Bay or something.
This is a great trailer for a movie I forgot about as soon as I saw it.

Mad Struggle
I want Cillian Murphy to play more villains. The entire finale of the film I was thinking KILL HER. KILL THE BITCH. Because Jack T. Ripper was my kind of bad guy.
I enjoyed Wes Craven's attempt here... He didn't fuck it all to hell as bad as he usually does. Rachel McAdams is so beautiful, I want Cillian to rape her face at that trailer's end.
Raoul Duke 138
That's not really a normal thing to say.

I was saddened by how normal this movie was. It was pretty good, but this is one of the freakiest trailers ever.
genius trailer but having not seen the film it left me wondering..umm really, how much stalking danger can you create on an airplane full of people? I guess I'll have to see how he pulled it off.
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