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Desc:Their recent crusade against rapping is immensely hypocritical.
Category:Advertisements, Fashion
Tags:Rap, hip hop, mcdonalds, white people, chicken mcnuggets
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Comment count is 12
Everytime I see crap like this, I like to picture a bunch of straight-faced old guys in suits sitting around listening to someone pitch them the idea:

"So then the McNugget says 'We like to rap... ...and unwrap too.' while a wrapped present in the background mysteriously unwraps itself to reveal a cuckoo clock. Then a bird pops out of the clock and one of the rappers says 'Whoa- look out!'... what do you think, guys?"
I think it's wonderful. But what I'd really like to show you is Paul Allen's business card.

infinite zest
I'd rather jump into bbbq sauce as well

I'm rap rap rappin'. I'm rappity rappin'.

Hello my name is chicken and I'm here to say
Rappin' is what I do all of every day
Great. Now I'm going to have really, really strange dreams.
Caminante Nocturno
The next time a foreign commercial shows up on POETV and someone comments on how fucked up it is, I'm going to point them to this video.
j lzrd / swift idiot
This is just vexing.
McDonalds : Fuck right we're marketing to your children, suck it!
Ninja Rap just become incrementally less embarrassing.
im the hip-hop-apotamus, my rhymes here are bottomless.

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