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Desc:SPOILERS - they're all cartoons
Category:General Station, Cartoons & Animation
Tags:Anime, reviews, InvisibleCrane, uguu, pie voice
Submitted:Teased Vagina
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Comment count is 16
Where to begin commenting, I don't even know.

Seriously though, why would he think anyone would care what he's bought?

Congrats on the hundredth subscriber after all this time though. Keep it up and you may someday be up there with Chris Chan.

Thank YouTube for increasing the time limits.
his eyes say "help me, I'm in hell"
but his voice says "yay! life is a carnival!"
How far does this man expect to go in life with that voice?
how does he not see the irony in criticizing anime voice actors - he sounds like an anime character

He got blown away by the fact a cartoon in a kid's time-slot had jokes that were aimed at adults.

Our little boy is growing up!
"I've got some good news, some VERY good news."

AIDS has been cured? The war is over? Yellowstone won't ever explode? We've discovered an empty habitable planet? Time travel is real?


Oh, well that's super, kid.

Like that even fucking means anything. Yes, it LITERALLY means 100 people are sitting down and watching every video you fart out, you hideous manchild.

It's like people saying "I HAVE 5,000 FRIENDS ON FACEBOOK!!"

Not really. They could be subscribed and not watching.

Most of them are also likely subscribing to make fun of him.

That was my point. The subscriber claim is dumb on so many levels.

ADV went out of business? At least that's one thing I got out of this video.

Also, it does not surprise me at all that they are topless under the slip cover.

Great preload image, too. A still image that simply states, "This guy is not embarrassed at all about buying something called 'Master of Martial Hearts'"

It's gonna have to do until CWC reappears.
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