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Desc:asked to retract by the band's agent
Category:News & Politics, Arts
Tags:muse, media matters, beck off, The Resistance
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B. Weed
Man, first Stephenie Meyer and now Glenn Beck.
Next big fan: cancer.

I hate Muse.
Yeah, fuck muse.

they're unlistenable, but this is pretty amusing

see what i did there

I like Muse. Their older stuff is better though.

I am going to make a band called "Their older stuff". Just you watch.

Spastic Avenger
You mean Muscle Museum era? When they were ripping Radiohead off badly?

wtf japan
Maybe Muse will be Beck's Wagner. I hope so.
Media Matters.

you only hate it because you're scared of it

this is pretty boring though

I am fascinated by what types of music Beck might listen to and am not surprised when it sucks.
Adham Nu'man
Unsurprisingly, Beck likes the whitest music on the planet.
Beck: They are libretarians form England
Guy: Is that true?
Beck: Yeah
Guy: That's confirmed?
Beck: Well.. it is according to my 20 year old daughter...

Glen Beck's standard of proof is about on par with what I'd expect.
I, for one, love Muse. Too bad he's praising their crappiest album.

The Resistance is pretty forgettable, musically.
they're BRILLiant
"While it is entirely possible that Muse do not like having Glenn as a fan, he was making a joke and their representatives never reached out to him."

- Christopher Balfe, president of Beck's Mercury Radio Arts company
it's probably more likely that he got trolled by someone pretending to be a representative of muse. they called his daughter or something.

I like Muse too, and I think the band would vomit at Beck's politics and spirituality.
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