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RocketBlender - 2010-09-24

Seriously, if you think this is bad, try to read a few pages of the 'comic' associated with it.


It is horribly cringe-worthy.

Nikon - 2010-09-24

Sweet merciful crap, you weren't joking.

Caminante Nocturno - 2010-09-24

It's very easy to tell when dialog was written by someone who has never read any books.

Riskbreaker - 2010-09-24

Books? These people have never read the back of a cereal box. They refue to read anything that won't give them a boner.

HankFinch - 2010-09-24

The bar for dialog has already been set so low I can't really tell how this is any worse

WHO WANTS DESSERT - 2010-09-24

Fanime with a budget, I love it

jyrque - 2010-09-24

5 horrible stars.

Nikon - 2010-09-24

The writing and dialogue are gawd-awful but the animation isn't too bad.

Caminante Nocturno - 2010-09-24

In case anyone's wondering where they ripped off the main character's design from:


And the blond one looks suspiciously like a Street Fighter character, too.

RocketBlender - 2010-09-24

I'm just glad the bad guys from Jak 2 and Jak 3 found work after the Krimson Guard gig didn't work out.

duck&cover - 2010-09-24

Yellow, talking, cyber-tit.

astropod five - 2010-09-24

I was hoping this would be Blade Runner as performed by kittens.

Also, I get the impression that furries are the only people who still use the phrase "aw, shucks," because they were raised by cartoons.

La Loco - 2010-09-24

Me too!!!

BHWW - 2010-09-24

If Ed Wood Jr. wrote the scripts for video games...it wouldn't be even half this awkward-sounding.

Syd Midnight - 2010-09-24

It'd be about 10 times sexier too

Meerkat - 2010-09-24

Someone gave someone money to do this.

*sobs inconsolably*



*moves paw toward clock*

Macho Nacho - 2010-09-24

First a Balto Fanfiction getting a studio budget, and now this Internet Webcomic with a budget for a video game?

Certain things things on the internet shouldn't bleed over into other media, it should stay within the realms of the net.

RocketBlender - 2010-09-24

I said it in the trailer you're referring to: this shot needs to end before furries start to think they're mainstream or that their opinion matters.

Nikon - 2010-09-24

I saw some of the gameplay for this ... mixup of ninja gaiden/megaman with some of the beast riding from Donkey Kong. Sad thing is I'm so hard-up for platformer action on my ps3 that I'm halfway thinking of giving it a try.

RocketBlender - 2010-09-24

If it makes you feel any better, they're putting put an HD Sly Cooper Trilogy collection next month.

fluffy - 2010-09-24

I was vaguely interested in this game and was going to download the demo. I am no longer interested in this game.

Scynne - 2010-09-24

I pre-ordered this game not long after it was announced. It's pretty damn fun, not going to lie.

RocketBlender - 2010-09-24

From a strictly gameplay perspective, it's not bad. Reminds me of playing Knuckles back in the passable Sonic games on the Genesis.

All the same, the moment the opening cinematic ended, I jumped up and went straight to poe to submit. You can't lie that the dialog is amazingly awful.

baleen - 2010-09-25

what hathe anime wrought on the impressionable minds of my country.

Xenocide - 2010-09-25

I just want to know why they're fighting over a magical glowing pregnancy test.

Tuan Jim - 2010-09-25

You really don't.

CharlesSmith - 2010-09-25

I don't know how they did it, but somehow the dialogue was so bad, SO BAD, that it actually seemed like it was beneath the voice actress. Like she could be doing better. And she could. And that's a rare situation for her I imagine.

thebaronsdoctor - 2011-01-16

So it's set in a universe where everyone talks in cliches?

How can this be? This isn't possible! Stock phrase expressing disbelief #243!?

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