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Desc:Norm tweaks the audience during Weekend Update.
Category:Classic TV Clips, Humor
Tags:SNL, norm macdonald, misogyny, Weekend Update
Submitted:Yellow Lantern
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Resubmit:MC Scared of Bees

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Comment count is 16
Norm never really needed writers
He could always make the best out of bad material, too.

It's a shame he died so young.

Dread Pirate Roberts
He's not dead. You lie. I looked it up...

Norm can make goddamn near anything funny.

SNL really benefits from the internet, where you can skip all the dead wood and get right to the 10-15 minutes of strong material they produced in any given decade.
Well come on, everything is better if you just cut out all the scenes that don't have Norm MacDonald in them.

It just keeps getting better.
asian hick
Next to the legendary Carrot Top interview, this is my favorite Norm moment of all time.
Hay Belly
Really? My favorite was him talking about peeing in bottles in the living room because he was too lazy to walk to the bathroom then later denying he ever said that. So two moments in one I guess.

I'm afraid you're both wrong. The correct answer is the Bob Saget roast.

asian hick
Oh shit! How did I forget that?

"I don't think there's a person in here who would not love to watch Henry Fonda pick blueberries."

Fucking magnificent.

Norm is so awesome.
Nobody makes me laugh more
My wife is behind me, glaring at the computer screen and swearing.
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