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Desc:Hey, remember Luann? She's back! And in musical form!
Category:Arts, Horror
Tags:luann, Greg Evans, sunday funnies
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Comment count is 7
Could have sworn this was on here already.

This isn't nearly as bad as Evans' attempts at making Luann's in-comic songs into real-life hit singles. Such as the ones posted at http://thecartooniststudio.com/greg
This seems like it costs a lot of money. Does this man have lots of money.
It's all Saudi Arabian investors, man. He told them Luann was a horse.

Rodents of Unusual Size
If I was an investor I would seriously think this was writers pulling some "The Producers" style shenanigans.

also this cries out for the "of course there's a musical" tag.

An animated series based on "Zits!" was rather judiciously turned down by CBS this year, actually.
The only comic strip I want to see animated is maybe "Calvin & Hobbes," but I'd want Waterson to have complete creative control and he'd have to hand-draw every frame.

If every song in your musical features a cluster of people doing the same exact dance while singing a monotone, lifeless collection of trite lyrics, you have written a bad musical.
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