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Desc:set to Brian Eno
Category:Arts, Educational
Tags:Camera, film, california, venice, quadcopter
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The Mothership
Needs a HUD and a targeting computer.
Meatsack Jones
...and those cool Gene Simmons guided-bullets from Runaway.

Somewhere a bunch of helicopter pilots/cameramen are watching their future and exorbitant fees slowly spin down the ol' commode of history.
I wouldn't mind having a quadcopter like that (this is before I find out they cost as much as a used car).

What album is this from?
It's from "Apollo" which was a collaboration between Eno, Daniel Lanois, and his brother Roger, designed as a soundtrack for the Apollo moon landings as seen in the documentary For All Mankind.

Tom Collins
It's also the tune that plays when Renton has to go inside the toilet and get his suppositories back.

Mr. Purple Cat Esq.
'For all mankind' is probably my favourite film

Like most of the LA area, best seen from the air.
That's funny. Yourtown USA is best seen from LA.

needs bikini chicks
I wish Orson Welles had had one of these.
I would have felt cheated if there hadn't been a shot of the operator. Also: suddenly I want one.

That's some surprisingly stable and clear video. This is going to revolutionize filming in a small way.
I'm pretty sure the stability was done using a plug-in, because that is still a major issue. I think you can actually see some rolling shutter problems here and there, guess you can't get rid of that.

Everybody get these and make movies with them before law enforcement declares them terror-darkie-tech.
I'm pretty sure law enforcement is going to declare them tools to track terror-darkies.

erection reset by queer
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