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Desc:Sarah Palin "documentary"
Category:Horror, News & Politics
Tags:stupid people, white people, GOP, Sarah Palin, imbecilic right wing fantasy
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Comment count is 14
I think Marines should feel insulted by the first sixteen seconds.

And that's an awful lot of gung-ho never-say-die baloney for a politician who quit halfway through her first term.
She didn't quit because it was tough, she quit for the money.

Sarah has a different definition of "undefeated" than everyone else in the world. That's called being a maverick.

Just like marines don't quit doing things because they are tough and they only quit things for the money.

@Cena: And money is "hard?" All that does is prove she can be bought, and would rather just suck at the right-wing pundit teat than actually meet the responsibilities she convinced voters she was suited for.

Republicans voted for her, sucking oil teat and selling their children for darkie rape coupons* is what they voted for.


Oscar Wildcat
What, no Love for Sister Sarah? Thanks to her, every Alaskan receives a nice fat paycheck from the Oil Co's. Her strongest blows were struck for Socialism. Not sure why the Right likes her so much...


Okay, that doesn't mean anything. You get that title automatically if you're born with a vagina. It's not an accomplishment. Oh gross, I just had to acknowledge the reality that Sarah Palin has a vagina. No boners for me this week.

Also: SHE RUNS TOWARD THE DANGER! Are you ready for a president with no self-preservation instinct?
If there's one thing Palin has demonstrated, it's that she knows the concept of "abandon ship."

I'm glad we could turn a completely negative portrayal and turn it into unflinchingly non-critical positive portrayal . Thanks, Conservatives!
she's standing up and "invading the government", just like Iwo right?
Technically, I guess she's undefeated...She quit before she could be challenged.
Caminante Nocturno
Look, everyone! Another chance to give Sarah Palin money! Just like the founding fathers did!
Killer Joe
2015 is smirking at this.
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