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Desc:A debate for the ages is solved...
Category:Classic TV Clips
Tags:star trek, Night Court, Prime Directive, thats what you think
Submitted:infinite zest
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Comment count is 11
The ubiquity of androids is a genuine concern on "Night Court":


(Harry's in a funk because he was just forced to rule against a family that needed and deserved help.)
This is basically every single episode of The Big Bang Theory.
Just so.

Robin Kestrel
I was in love with Markie Post.
infinite zest
I hadn't thought about this show forever but I got the theme song stuck in my head so I watched an episode that dealt with the very serious issue of women in the workplace: Post is upset because her professor admits he only gave her A's (in an attempt to sleep with her) when she "really deserved C's.." the seriousness of that topic is displaced by Bull and Dan being transformed into kid versions of themselves, literally. Christine gets her revenge on the prof but Bull and Dan are still just kids. The end...

So I decided there should be more Night Court. It's much different than I remember it as a kid myself.

The Mothership
Markie Post was soooooo 80s hot.

Rodents of Unusual Size
They had a tendency to end episodes this way, just going with a certain level of reality and then throwing it out the window at the end, and I always loved that because it was pretty much the perfect blend of fantasy and reality.

I think the best episode was where Dan ran off and decided to live amongst the Eskimos and when he introduced himself as "Dan. Dan Fielding" they all thought his name was "Dan Dan Fielding" and kept saying this. That's a great gag.

Also all the Gomez Addams as Harry's dad episodes were wonderful.

infinite zest
it's all news to me.. Night court week? It's been a while since there's been a week week of any kind of week.

The Mothership
Dan Dan Fielding was one of the 80s greatest gags. Also let's not forget Mel Torme.

God, I used to absolutely love this show. I remembered the dialogue to this before watching it.

Maltz, prosecute!
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