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Desc:Are you just gonna take that lying down?!
Category:News & Politics, Nature & Places
Tags:debate, Stephen Harper, job creation, tom mulcair, smiling with your eyes
Submitted:Two Jar Slave
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*folding chair to the head*
GUIDE TO THE CANDIDATES! Let's go from left to right:

MOOSEY CIRCLEBACON: The humble son of a log cabin, he has never spoken a word at any point in the campaign. As a result, no one knows what he stands for or what he'll do as Prime Minister. Currently leading by double digits.

PRINCESS HOCKEY: The perennial one-issue candidate, her entire campaign revolves around her promise to repeal the 1987 Gringlit-Weindorf Tax Recumberment Act For Provencal Legislatures. Needless to say, she is incredibly popular.

SAMMY "THE CLAM" VENETCIANO: Favors a return to long, list-based forum posts like from back in the old days of Poe News. His slogan, "Bring back the bulb system" confuses and angers all Canadians without exception.

STEPHEN HARPER: He met the Pope once! The Pope smelled better than he thought he would.
IE: which ever way you vote you are fucked, so vote ficus!


Username/comment synergy.

Rodents of Unusual Size
Princess Hockey all the way, eh!

Rodents of Unusual Size
also this pretty much proves once again you are my favorite poster here...

infinite zest
Oh yeah, sometimes I forget there's a world outside of the U.S. during election season. How's it goin up there?
This is our longest ever federal election campaign in history: 11 weeks to give some contrast to US campaign cycles (forever?). That shit smirk you see on Harper's face (far right) sums up his Prime Ministership thus far and I'm pretty sure any other Canadians on here are hoping to not have to see it ever again.

infinite zest
I've actually got Canada on my list of places I want to try living.. mostly Vancouver because climate-wise it's about the same as Portland (I lived in Wisconsin long enough to know that I can't handle cold winters), and I know some people up there whose couch I can sleep on until I get on my feet. I'm just kinda done with These United States at this point, and if Trump wins the pot (which I think he probably will) I'd rather get out while I can, watching Trump from a distance for entertainment purposes kind of like how we in the states watched Mayor Ford.

Two Jar Slave
What do you think of our other candidates, crasspm? If anything?

I'll be voting NDP (Mulclair, second from the right) as per usual. I've been disengaged from Canadian politics for a while so I can't give much of a summary. The best I can do is say Trudeau is not ideologically far from Harper on issues of substance (voted in favour of bill C51, Canada's version of the Patriot Act, but he loves the pot!). The Greens are the Greens, you can vote for them if you're not concerned about strategic things like splitting the vote on the left.

I'm signing myself up to be a candidate for the satirical Rhino party. I've never done anything like that, so we'll see how it goes.

Rhino party has been around for soooooo long. I remember seeing a poster stuck to a streetlight from when I was a kid and asking my dad about them. He laughed.

Oh, Canada.
The debate stage is as bland as the candidates.

"What color should we make our stage?"


"We should have at least one other color..."

"Bluish Grey!"
Oh how quaint, look at those Canadians squabbling "aboot" economics and jobs, like they're a real country or something.
This debate aired the same night as the Fox News Republican debate and in comparison the set design here is almost aggressively boring.
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