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Desc:fruit juice company plays to the fears of the orcs crowd
Category:Advertisements, Horror
Tags:fruit, juice, interracial, cuckoldry, alt-right
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Comment count is 27
SolRo - 2016-09-04
Hazelnut - 2016-09-04
You know I rib on SolRo occasionally -- while keeping in mind the spirit of that everyone-loves-everyone-else thread we had sometime back -- but in this case, I have to agree with him completely.

I used to think "right-wing trolling" was funny. That guy on the Internet who said the N word or posted a swastika - ha ha! I thought it was a test for whether us liberals could keep our humor, our perspective, our respect for free speech.

Then fucking Trump came along. The most direct evidence you could possibly produce that the alt-right with their 'ironic' anti-semitism, racism, misogyny has metastasized. It's all there: the self-entitlement, the victimhood, the retreat into 'I was being sarcastic' each time he's called out. Maybe they weren't so harmless before either; I don't know; I just know what won the Republican primary. It's just not funny anymore.

tl;dr: Orcs.

SolRo - 2016-09-04
They're entitled to free speech, not attention.

lotsmoreorcs - 2016-09-04
unless you click view all videos from the last 7 days

baleen - 2016-09-05
That's weird Hazelnet, I was thinking something similar this week.
I hate political correctness, but then when you meet actual fucking pieces of shit, you're like "oh, that's how that happened."

I mumble about feminist theory, than I hang out with a bunch of dudes who think it's funny to make jokes about raping girls and that "98% of all rapes are made up," and that it's not just shock humor, they actually believe it.

There are genuinely tens of millions of awful human beings that are the only reason why political correctness exists and it's a pain in the ass.

When you get to the actual bottom of the barrel, there's nobody to back you up. It's just you at the Thanksgiving table with that shitty cousin who works on Wall Street and openly hates Jews and thinks black people are genetically incapable of succeeding because he read it in a book once. That's the actual reality of life off the "sheltered liberal arts campuses."

bawbag - 2016-09-05
orcs and his usual schtick.

StanleyPain - 2016-09-05
Hazlenut nails it.

animegurl1000 - 2016-09-04
As usual, the comments didn't fail to deliver top-notch entertainment.
EvilHomer - 2016-09-04
Good find, ((((orcs))))

animegurl1000 - 2016-09-04
Every time I read an alt-right screed and I see words and phrases surrounded by ((((multiple parenthesis)))) I always imagine the person having a nervous tic while saying it.

EvilHomer - 2016-09-04
KnowYourMeme says it's supposed to represent a reverberating echo, but I like your way better!

Xenocide - 2016-09-05
I thought it indicated that they were hugging the words, because alt-righters are incredibly lonely and desperate for physical contact.

Two Jar Slave - 2016-09-05
looks like a cool forcefield to me.

vwaaaarooo vwaaaaaroooo

memedumpster - 2016-09-05
I thought it was THX.

TeenerTot - 2016-09-05
I had heard it was some kind of code for "filthy Jew"or something. They use it a lot on people's names.

Sanest Man Alive - 2016-09-05
I just thought it was ASCII vaginas, like you're calling the subject a huge pussy

baleen - 2016-09-05
Yeah ((this)) is a callout to fellow alt righters that the person in question is Jewish, to make evident how many Jews are in media/news/business.
Some have taken to putting their own names in reverse parentheses to mark how non-kikey they are. Milo Y jokingly puts his name in parentheses I assume because he finds it hilarious that the people he inspires wouldn't mind seeing him hanging from a rope.

misterbuns - 2016-09-04
Obsessing over cuckoldry is how latent bisexual men manage their homosexual desires without compromising their heterosexual identity.

This charade won't be needed for much longer. Fewer adolescents are identifying as straight and more are identifying as somewhere in the middle.

It's interesting this sea change is occurring parallel to the collapse of white power. In ten years, when white people are minority, far more people will identify as queer and bisexual.

Clearly, the future is brown and gay.
lotsmoreorcs - 2016-09-04
always a faggot conspiracy for insecure faggots

William Burns - 2016-09-05
So what is it you find so compelling about this subject?

Potrod - 2016-09-05
I don't get this particular fetish, but is there any actual evidence to support your first sentence or what.

Bus_Aint_Comin - 2016-09-05
orcs you keep talking about gay this or faggot that, you're gonna get your dick sucked

Bus_Aint_Comin - 2016-09-05
don't think i fucking won't

cognitivedissonance - 2016-09-05
Call me an idealistic Puritan, but I don't understand being so obsessed with sex that it becomes an existential threat not having it. Go read a damn book or something.
15th - 2016-09-05
How about just grinding on a book instead?

Sanest Man Alive - 2016-09-05
Being an idealistic Puritan means being so obsessed with sex that it becomes an existential threat, full stop

NewHeavenSockman - 2016-09-05
when did cuckolding change from an amusing source of ribald humor to becoming the battle for every young man's soul
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