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Desc:Weatherman makes a mistake, then smiles and nods.
Category:Classic TV Clips
Tags:news, fox, Weatherman, fucking mother whore shit
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Comment count is 15
I like the way that stream of profanity just comes out of nowhere. After a few watchings I still can't quite tell what he was saying just before losing it like that.
Timothy A. Bear
He said there was going to be snow.

That all? I figured there must be something more serious that I wasn't picking up on.

Caminante Nocturno
Only half of the words in that outburst are swear words.
I can't help but think he meant to do that.
It really has to be a tourette's tick. There's no other explanation that makes sense. Although, if he had tourette's, it seems he might consider a career in broadcast news as "beyond his capacity", plus his little stomp of anger indicates otherwise, but I really don't understand in what condition that FUCKING MOTHER WHORE! SHIT!

I feel clarity.
Now there's the smile of a man who knows his career just ended.
Rodents of Unusual Size
He was just raining down the profanities there, huh?
He's a happy guy.
Best two seconds on fox "news" ever.
Honest Abe
are we really going to continue to conflate local fox affiliates with fox news. this happens with every local fox channel submission. this is not "fox news" this is "a local fox affiliate's news"

Now I really wish I'd submitted this.
I'm going to guess he thought they were recording a cut-in instead of a live spot?
Ow Switch
He's gonna have a lot of free time to enjoy that snow.
What happened to his brain?
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