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Desc:Featuring Pamela Anderson & Cease And Desist Orders From Nintendo
Category:Video Games, Pets & Animals
Tags:video games, PETA, vegans, subtle message
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Comment count is 11
They are born to die.

Tuan Jim
Omg peta has totally misconstrued the nature of the association between Mario and Yoshi.

Also, it appears that BigAl has a rant about this game.

it's more fun trying to figure out what BigAl doesn't have a rant about

Caminante Nocturno
I'm willing to bet that he doesn't have a rant about how difficult it is to get reliable health insurance or how big a pain in the ass it is to find affordable housing in a good location.

Tuan Jim
what are your thoughts on mario and yoshi?

also has princess peach been cuckolded?

Doctor Frederick Odd
This was supposed to make Mario look like an asshole? I feel sorry for him.
Yoshi got brainwashed by a cult and Peach got jealous over him trying to do some good. Saying he is the only one around that could rescue the princess was stating a fact, those chickens only showed up to satisfy their own selfish interest.
Nintendo is not the kind of company that lets this shit go down. However, this game is friggin' hilarious. I've got the wallpaper on my desktop right now:

Corman's Inferno
People with no sense of humor trying to write jokes is so sad.
PETA is full of hypocrites, IIRC Pamela Anderson once auctioned a Dodge Viper with a very leather interior to benefit PETA.
Will you be able to tell when the chickens catch hepatitis?
Game link: http://www.kentuckyfriedcruelty.com/superchicksisters/index.asp

I RECOMMEND IT TO EVERYONE. Seriously, it's full of wonderful quotes.
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