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Desc:And thus, the Western ended
Category:Classic Movies
Tags:Clint Eastwood, unforgiven, deconstruction, deserves got nothing to do with it
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Walt Henderson
I'm probably going to get mugged by Sergio Leone fans (of which I am one!) for saying this, but I think this is arguably the best Western ever.
Adham Nu'man
I used to think so too...

Until I saw The Proposition, that is.

Walt Henderson
Oh yeah? I've had that sitting on my Netflix queue for months. I guess I'll go ahead and bump it to the top.

wow, and Nick Cave wrote the screenplay?
I've gotta see it too!


you got it right Walt. This is the best western ever. I even liked the details like how Hackman's character had no carpentry skills.

also "what, letters and such?"

Adham Nu'man
Kiint, and the guy who directed The Proposition is also the guy who directed The Road's film adaptation.

As good as The Proposition is, I'm willing to call this better, since I think it's a successful deconstruction of the Western, while The Proposition is one more wilderness v. civilization, you know, thing. The Proposition is REALLY good, though.

Walt Henderson
So I just finished watching The Proposition. It's too fresh in my mind for me to fairly rank it yet, but that was so excellent. Easy five stars, and I try to be fairly selective about giving that ranking out for real films.

The western ended when Harmonica killed Frank. Unforgiven is an excellent epilogue.
Exactly. Once Upon a Time in the West is the best western ever. Unforgiven's great, though.

I saw this movie when it was originally in theaters and just as the third act started in a huge thunderstorm actually started outside which made this scene all that more awesome.
See the whole thing.

I still have a tendency to call 'deserve' the 'd' word, partially because of this movie.
I've loved this movie since I saw it in its initial release. It has a depth lacking in any other western, and managed to address the consequences of violence without abstraction, red-toothed glee or drooling moralization.

In fact, it may be my favorite movie, period.
Jeff Fries
Well it's one of Eastwood's most accomplished films but you have to admit that there's not much dramatic urgency apart from the revisionist context.

Syd Midnight
I saw this with my grandpa and he was horrified because grandpa was basically Gene Hackman in this movie. It was an uncomfortable ride home, having seen the classic western die in a gunfight.
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