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Desc:Dystonia Remix
Category:Humor, Horror
Tags:Cheerleader, dystonia, vaccine, walk it out, flu shot
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Comment count is 31
Well, this is terrible.
info on her story - http://tinyurl.com/yjbqcle
It's all in her head. Therefore, decapitation should solve all the symptoms.

hilarious and interesting.
keep running bitch
Sudan no1
Before dystonia, she was way out of your league. All you could do was leer at her and her alpha male boyfriend from across the room. Now she's a disfigured, contemptible cripple. EAT MY DICK BITCH HHHHAAAAUUUUUUURRRRRRRGGGHHH

I don't think it was appropriate for Inside Edition to play that music.
At least she didn't get the flu.

Harold Manchester
I love the transition from unintentionally funny to appallingly funny.
I hate that I can't stop laughing at this.
Frank Rizzo
how is this funny?
Adham Nu'man
The reporter is black.

Cause she walks funny.

Frank Rizzo
so does charley the cat with cerebellar hypoplasia but thats not funny :(

and he walks like a cowboy!!!

I hate myself.
I really hate myself.
I am a bad man for laughing so much.
James Woods
I'm not sure this is funny. Maybe if it had happened to Jenny McCarthy.
You know I know someone who got a flu shot and then a week later was in a car wreck. Damn, fucking vaccines, why don't they ban them?
The McK
Aaaaaaand I'm going to hell.
The Mothership
-1 for not using 'Low' by FLO Rida, but +1 for making me think of funny songs to go along with it.
Tuan Jim
I wonder how her boyfriend responded to this.
Follow the heart-pounding exploits of Chev Chelios' little sister as she races to exact revenge on the mobsters who kidnapped her infant son... But she's been dosed with a fast-acting virus that attacks her nervous system the second she slows down! This summer, danger runs in the family in CRANK 3
Mister Yuck
I'd watch it.

Modern Angel
You know what? I'm fine laughing at this because I'm a bad person. I'm even going to favorite it.
-2 for the evil

+5 for the evil
punch drunk babies
Jihadgirl69 (1 day ago)

This girl is a piece of shit for going on tv and pretending to be wasted off of flu shots.
A perpetual motion machine of Evil.

Hello, Hades? Yeah I just wanted to make sure my reservation is set. It is? Perfect, thanks a lot.
See, white people walk like this
Oh my. 5'ed and favourited. A POETV GEM!
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