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Desc:You can really taste the savings when you shop at Didldidi.
Category:Classic TV Clips, Humor
Tags:Mitchell and Webb, Didldidi, bargain stores, value water
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land gull
I don't really know if I'm hungry or thirsty for Bacon Octopus Shapes In Glitter, but I am.
So I guess Wal-Mart is to Lidl, as Tesco is to Jimmy's Grocers.

While I generally like Mitchell and Webb, this sketch is outdated without being clever. It's like Seinfeld or Leno saying "What's the deal with cellphones? They're bigger than you're head!"
Agent #1
I think this is better if you have no idea what it's parodying.

Tom Collins
The irony is that a lot of store-brand cereals really are better than the brand names. "A pound of puffed rice sprayed with chemicals for only 5. You'll buy it because your kids won't shut the fuck up unless you do, bitch. (Plus free piece of crap.)"

laugh track? not necessary, I think I knew where the funny was.
Agent #1
How do you know that's not real laughter?

Goethe and ernie
Do Americans get this one though?
MacGyver Style Bomb
Oh, we got plenty of places like"Dollar General" and so on.

and Big Lots, where a box of cereal that normally sells for is somehow magically just .50. And their entire marketing campaign is centered around trying to convince us that really there isn't anything wrong with it.

Trader Joe's is also a good fit, because even though they sell some good items, the bulk of their product is creepy store-brand knock-offs.

...except for how Trader Joe's store-brand items are just as expensive as most national brand items, sure, I guess.

I was smart enough to figure out with my learnin and readin n stuff.

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