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Desc:In which the reasons for his parents' rejection of fursuit purchase are made even more clear
Category:Pets & Animals, Horror
Tags:Furries, Australia, deantheninetales
Submitted:The Mothership
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Comment count is 22
blue vein steel
good parents
Dread Pirate Roberts
Holy crap, take a look at the comment. I actually feel kind of bad for this guy. I mean, Furries are creepy, but dammit dude, do what you want and stop asking your parents for permission.
It doesn't look like he can: from the comments, it says he's "not allowed to live on his own" because he can't take care of himself. I'm intrigued what's wrong with this kid: he seems like a mutant, but nothing about the videos suggests he can't live on his own.

His DA account lists "Mental Disability Disorder| ADHD/Aspergers Syndrome". I imagine the "Mental Disability Disorder" is referring to a very low IQ.

He also states "i do not want to cause any trouble", which suggests that he's prone to having more than the self-diagnosed Internet Aspie levels of social interaction problems.

While it's definitely PoE material it's unpleasant to see the dipshit YouTube trolls circling this kid.

"I need to explain to my parents that furries are safe....or something."
Dude, just draw some cartoon characters molesting each other and you're in!
Sane parents for once.
Why is he tangoing with the camera?
"I will never join the furry fandom" is a statement that should never be qualified or explained in any way.
the beginnings of the Australian Red Dragon
Where is his shirt? Does he not own people clothes?
Adham Nu'man
He'd rather go naked than wear fur.

Crab Mentality
For Adham.

Comes complete with a tutorial on the operation of the YouTube rating system.
That accent is like nails on a chalkboard.
Hugo Gorilla
Guy kind of looks like Schlitze the Pinhead.
He's naked on an adult sized sit n spin.
Dear Mum and Dad,

Furries are really, REALLY safe!

Foxheim Furbottompike
big pincers
jesus, kid, wash your hair
Youtube comments are gold:

please remove yourself from youtube ASAP

ief014 4 days ago +7 thumbs up

as you fuckin wish, i'll do it right now and i'll commit suicide as well

deantheninetales in reply to ief014 4 days ago +12 thumbs up

Please remove yourself from the internet and study regular human social behaviour so you're not a massive burden on your family.

ismashedmydick 5 days ago

fine then, i'll commit suicide of you enjoyment

deantheninetales in reply to ismashedmydick 5 days ago

You are an inspiration to us all.

LiteralKaiser 4 days ago

highly agree, glad to see people like this "davidninetails" being productive members of society

AnotherMeepsheep in reply to LiteralKaiser (Show the comment) 4 days ago

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