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Category:Classic TV Clips, Science & Technology
Tags:80s, Mr. Wizard, Don Herbert, spellcheck
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Comment count is 14
"It won't tell you how to spell it, but it'll tell you where you were wrong." 80's spellcheck is an apt metaphor for our relationship with our own mistakes.
Or our relationships with our girlfriends.


Mr. Wizard hated Spaniards so much, he refused to read out "Spain", preferring instead to spell it out at every opportunity.
I always wished this guy was my dad when I watched Mr Wizard.

5 Stars for daddy issues.
5 stars for your username and admitting to daddy issues.

Welcome to Mr Wizard's command central where he requires the use of multiple systems to manage the steady rotation of stupid kids he needs for his television program.
Twenty five years later, my Firefox spellchecker still refuses to recognize "anime" as a valid word.
It's trying to protect you.

It also refuses to recognize: kawaii weeaboo hentai bukkake fursuit vore unbirthing otherkin loli juggalo Objectivist bronie cena glomph fargnax and reptoid. In other words, all the words I use on a daily basis. :(

Jet Bin Fever
And it only takes a few short minutes per sentence! Now that's convenience!
Scrotum H. Vainglorious
When they cut to commercial, Mr. Wizard typed the following with a wry smile on his face:

8===========D ~O ~O ~O ~O

Timmy, do you know what that is?

I haven't heard his voice in at least 20 years, but the second I did, a chill ran down my spine.

Thank you, POETV.
To kids in the 80s, cable consisted entirely of Nickelodeon claymation ads, You Can't Do That on Television, Mr Wizard, and Double Dare (and boobs on HBO).
Even the most retarded 1st-gen spell check wouldn't have compared each word in the doc against each word in the dictionary.
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