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Desc:Gaboon Vipers will kill you week, cuts off before most depressing part
Category:Accidents & Explosions, Horror
Tags:Animal Planet, gaboon viper, fatal attractions
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Comment count is 10
That's absolutely horrible.
The Townleybomb
Yeah, that'll happen
Oh gabboon viper, how did such adorable face get the 'worst way to die ever' venom?
But what is the most depressing part???
Fucking animal hoarders, especially fucking snake people.

I recall a story of some guy who had a python that got so big that he kept it in the basement and would toss it a rabbit but otherwise really hated going down to take care of maintaining its enclosure because it had gotten quite ill tempered.

Who are these people who get these animals?
What were the chances of that happening?
Dirty Sanchez
She died clutching the note of the hospital she wanted to go to.

She believed she was immune to rattlesnake venom, when in reality, the snakes were giving her 'dry/warning' bites.

She got the viper illegally.
Venomous snake owners
Jet Bin Fever
The antivenom may be incredibly expensive or hard to keep, but why would anyone with a snake whose venom can kill in 15 minutes not have gallons of that shit around for times just like this?
Caminante Nocturno
Stop messing around.
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